Jame Mosque of Varzaneh

In the past, the inhabitants of Varzaneh built their houses around the Jami Mosque. As it is shown in the maps, the mosque is located almost in the middle of residential buildings. Out Of the works achieved, it is indicated that the early building of the mosque was the remnants of a fire temple.Its history dates back to the Sassanid era, but the architecture of the mosque in its current form dates back to the Timurid times, which is obvious from the photographs of the altar. And it is from the works of the Timurid period that were under repair. The mosque has a two porch, a large dome vestibule, a northwest and south porch, brick-built porches around the courtyard, and eastern and western Shabestan. It is decorated with exquisite mosaic tiles and beautiful inscriptions.Despite the fact that the building of the mosque dates back to 1000 years ago, the mosque still looks magnificent. This suggests that, first of all, those who built the mosque have high thoughts and high far-sighted power that had been able to build a mosque in such a way that, in addition to being usable at its time, is also spacy enough during the process of development of the city. Secondly, at that time, Varzaneh had a large population and therefore they built a mosque in such a huge state.

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