Primitive men were engaged in farming and thought to use water when they were in the vicinity of the spring or the river. The springs were on the surface of the earth. Directing water to agricultural land was a hard task. Because the river bed was deep, it Forced man to close the barrage and create canals for transferring water.

This solution works if Water is in flowing in the river bed. Otherwise, Man had to think about the solution and it was digging well. The first motive for drilling wells was the supply of human drinking water, which was very simple with a pot of clay and a string, but the use of well water for harvesting agricultural land required a larger amount of water that was not equal to the strength of the human. The use of cow force to plow land and other agricultural activities was a good experience for humans to think of raising water from the well with cow force.

Varzaneh, like many other places, used cow force to raise water from the well 50 years ago when there were no water engines. We should consider that the majority of people or in other words all the people, were farmers 50 years ago. Two cows usually were used for the wells, and two people should have been involved in the work; one was in charge of the cattle, and the other was responsible for irrigation and all related work on the ground. Usually, by this method, Irrigation of 3000 square meters of agricultural land could be done in one day.

The cows were used on a shift from morning until noon, or from noon to afternoon; the cows were of a particular race and they were called Sistani cows, because they had hills and peaks, and both of these features were useful for watering.

Hunchback was the backbone for the claw, and it prevented the rope from being released and the edges would make the claw not to be directly in contact with the neck of the cattle in order to avoid wounding and causing pain for the cattle. During watering, farmers usually read poetry in Shirazi style which made them feel happy and made the cow to work well.  By the time, the poetry was finished, the duck was filled with water and the cow knew that he had to move.

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