Qaleh-ye Khargushi Caravanserai

Qaleh-ye Khargushi Caravanserai

In the deserts of Varzaneh, there is a beautiful stone caravanserai that has survived since the Safavid era. Marvelous Caravanserai called Qaleh-ye Khargushi  . Its solid foundation and rock could be seen 30 km from Gavkhoni wetland. Somewhere in the middle of the old Yazd-Isfahan road, the Caravanserai is located about 60 km from the city of Agda and the city of Varzaneh.

Qaleh-ye Khargushi  Caravanserai is one of the most important caravansaries of the Safavid era, which is attributed to the rule of Safavid Shah Abbas. In fact, Qaleh-ye Khargushi is one of the 999 caravanserai built on the orders of Sha’abs on the main routes of that time.

If you take this opportunity to go to caravansary, you see, all this 80 x 80 meter building is made of granite and brick. Even stone-bench, Cellars and Stables are also made of  stones. This is perhaps the most important reason of Sustainability  of Qaleh-ye Khargushi  up to this day. There are a lot of granite mines in the deserts of this area, and the Safavid workers used granite from the surrounding mountains when they built the Qaleh-ye Khargushi  Caravanserai.

The wall on the roof of the caravanserai is two meters wide, and the head has two floors and the second floor is Shahstani. If you step into Ribat, You can see eighteen stone-benches. That stone-bench is bigger and another stone-bench in the southern part has also altar. In the four corners of Ribat, There are four entries to enter to the stable  and the water tank is built in the middle of the Ribat. Perhaps the most interesting design of the building, which at first glance will attract your attention, is the inscription which is mounted on the entrance door. And you can see the handwriting of “Ali Reza Abbasi” who is a famous calligrapher of the era of “Shah Abbas”.

To reach Qaleh-ye Khargushi  Caravanserai, you can go through Varzaneh Mountain and Black Mountain and then Qaleh-ye Khargushi(best way) . There is another way to reach to this desert caravanserai and it is from the city of Aghda, which is on the path of Ardakan-Na’in, and after leaving the villages of Mazraenow, Khalil Abad and Sarveolija, you will reach Khargushi  Desert. From here, you must pass a distance of about 25 km in the desert to reach this ribat. The paths from Ardakan to Sarveolija are paved, but from there to Khargushi ribat is Sandy. There is another way to go back and that is the path that connected the ribat to the Surke. This is a 25 km road which is relatively hilly and steep slope. This route is about 100 kilometers from there to Nudoshan and from there to Meybod and Ardakan.

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