Varzaneh Salt lake

How can we get to Varzaneh salt lake? When we go from the southern part of the wetland and from the village of Khara to the wetland, we first see some vegetation types including, Tamarix and Zygophyllum. By passing through it we reach to a desert region with flowing sands. And then we can see the vast areas of salt and salt crystals which have remained in the margin due to strong evaporation of salty water. But this extreme environmental condition with the red color of the algae that spreads among saltwater plants has created a magnificent and marvelous landscape. Due to the abundance of salt resulting from water evaporation, Khara salt mine is active in this region and extracts salt with mechanical means for industrial use.

Varzaneh Salt lake is located beside the city of Hassan Abad and the village of Khara. and it is among the national reproductive salt mines. In terms of the breadth and ease of operation is one of the great mines in the country. About 60% of the country’s edible salt. and 20% of the salt is exported from the Jarqooye Olya salt mine. The salt purity of this lake is 90%.

In Varzaneh Salt Lake, there are many important sources of potash which will be used in Aniloo.  Initial research has been done to extract it.

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